This screen allows you to view and manage (edit, publish, unpublish, and trash) Word Liking Rules.

Word Linking automatically creates links out of selected words in your Joomla! content articles. You can link specific words to Menu items, Articles, or URLs. Each Word Linking Rule can be assigned to specific menu items and have a limited number of occurrences (replacements).

How to access Ideal Related Word Linking

How to Access

Home Dashboard  Components → Ideal Related Articles → Word Linking

To add a new Word Linking Rule:

  • click the New toolbar button

To edit an Existing Word Linking Rule:

  • select a Keyword from the list

Column Headers

  • Checkbox. Check this box to select Word Linking Rules. To select all rules, check the box in the column heading. After the boxes are checked the toolbar button 'Actions' get active. From the Actions button you can Publish and Unpublish, Check-in and Delete Word Linking Rules;
  • Ordering. You can change the order of a Word Linking Rule within a list as follows:
    • Select the Ordering icon Ordering icon in the List heading to make it active.
    • Select one of the Three dots icons Three dots icon and drag it up or down to change the position of that row in the list.
    • In the Filter Options you may limit the list to Word Linking Rules that are enabled.
  • Status. Status of the Word Linking Rule. Hover icon for informations.
  • Keywords. The title of the Word Linking Keywords. Edit the rule by clicking on the Keyword.
  • Type. There are 3 types available:
    • Article: The Word Linking Rule will create a link to an article for the Keywords in this rule.
    • Menu Item: The Word Linking Rule will create a link to the selected menu item for the Keywords in this rule.
    • URL: The Word Linking Rule will create a link to the URL selected for the Keywords in this rule. Useful when you want to link to a page outside your Joomla site.
  • Date Created. The date this Word Linking Rule was created.
  • ID. A unique identification number for this Word Linking Rule, you cannot change this number.



Word Linking Rules Page
Word Linking Rules Page



Page Controls. When the number of Word Linking Rules is more than one page, you will see a page control bar near the bottom of the page shown in the Screenshot above. The current page number being viewed has a dark color background.

  • Start. Click to go to the first page.
  • Prev. Click to go to the previous page.
  • Page numbers. Click to go to the desired page.
  • Next. Click to go to the next page.
  • End. Click to go to the last page.


At the top of the page you will see the toolbar shown in the Screenshot above.

  • New. Opens the editing screen to create a new Word Linking Rule.
  • Actions. Reveals a list of actions for selected Word Linking Rules. Check one or more Word Linking Rules checkboxes to activate the list.
    • Publish. Makes the selected Word Linking Rules available to visitors to your website.
    • Unpublish. Makes the selected Word Linking Rules unavailable to visitors to your website.
    • Check-in. Checks-in the selected Word Linking Rules.
    • Trash. Changes the status of the selected Word Linking Rules to indicate that they are trashed.
  • Options. Opens Ideal Related Component Options
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